The multi award winning New Forest Children’s Choir was formed in 2008 by Alison Russell-Hayward, with weekly (term time) rehearsals in Christchurch and Barton on Sea.

The Choir is honoured and proud to have John Rutter as Patron.

The Children’s Choir is open to all children.

The children bring their energy and love of singing alive performing classical choral pieces, traditional folk songs, music from the musicals, gospel and some african songs songs to the highest standards, enabling the choir to perform at National and International levels. Alison develops singing technique with every child and opportunities for individual lessons are given. In rehearsals the children work extremely hard but also have fun in an atmosphere of trust and support.

In early 2011 a Training Choir was introduced to act as a feeder choir for the Main choir. The children have their own rehearsal and often join with the Main choir for part of their rehearsal.

In September 2011 the New Forest Chamber Choir was formed. This choir offers a rare opportunity for children and adults to sing together. For further details please go to their website at New Forest Chamber Choir.



“You have voices of angels - the purity of sound and your trademark legato phrasing is exceptional. It sounds like one voice when you sing”

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Auditions are now happening as exciting concert opportunities are coming up.

See the auditions page for details, or email the choir for further information.

New Milton Mayor’s Christmas 2018 Carol Service
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“When I first heard the choir sing I felt incredibly emotional. I saw a group of very different children - different ages, schools, styles - suddenly become one, holding themselves with such poise and singing so beautifully together. I could see the ones who usually rounded their shoulders standing straight, I could see the ones who were probably unlikely to speak-up in class projecting their voice - I saw really clearly how the choir invited each child to become something special. When they sang a certain magic seemed to lift them, and they became one. I’ve never seen that in a children’s choir before.

Alison’s direction was perfectly pitched at children who needed to feel at ease, yet also needed clear boundaries in order to attain a high standard of singing. She seemed to naturally understand how to realise musical potential and achieve something great; her belief in each child was evident.”

Parent of new Choir member

“Wow the New Forest Children’s Choir were just fabulous. You must be so proud. Bright, smiling in all the right places. Using their bodies as well as their voices!! Everything is there. Thank you so much for being part of what people are calling the best ever BBC Radio Solent Carol Concert!!

Of course the children are no more than a reflection of their conductor and I really do congratulate you on such a wonderful choir.

It has been just a joy for me to work together and I hope it will happen again in some context.”
Tim Daykin
Presenter BBC Radio Solent

“the New Forest Children’s Choir are performing and you cannot believe how wonderful they are - beautiful, absolutely amazing!”
BBC Radio Solent presenter

Emily 30th Sep 2018 00:09

The Beaulieu Concert was extraordinary Alison, just wonderful! All the people I invited to come bought a cd and are committed to spreading the word about how amazing the choirs are. You did a superb job, thank you so much for everything!

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