Llangollen International Eisteddfod 2011


NFCC competed in the Junior Children's Category on 7th July 2011. This was a fierce competition which included choirs from Russia, China, Hong Kong, The Channel Islands, England and Wales. Each choir performed a set piece "Make me a Light" by Philip Wilby and a contrasting piece of their choice. Each piece was marked individually by the judges with scores for each being given out of 100. A member of the LLangollen staff warned us before the competition that ”no first time competitor ever scores over 90”. Well. that was a challenge!!

Based on previous results in the competition, we knew that it would hard to beat the Welsh choirs on home turf. We did our very best and the choir sounded beautiful. When the adjudicators gave their comments, we could not have been happier;

John Fitzpatrick said of the choir   This is music making of the very highest standard

We were awarded 95 for “Make me a Light” and 92 for “A Smugglers Song” - giving us a grand total of 187. We were just pipped to first place by one point with a score of 188 by Ysgol Gerdd Ceredigion of Wales who were also last years winner. Congratulations to them.


One of the joys of Llangollen is that it brings together in friendly competition the finest musical talent the world has to offer.   Mervyn Cousins, Executive Director, Llangollen International Eisteddfod.

Llangollen boasts many International Stars starring in their own concerts every night of the Festival week. However, during the day one can see a plethora of future International stars in the making in healthy competition on the same stage.   Stifyn Parri, Local Entrepeneur/Concert Producer.

The Llangollen Festival is a powerful magnet drawing in singers, dancers and performers from all Four Corners of the globe and transforming this small town in the Dee Valley into a feast of color, sound and energy. This, of course, brings a wealth of first-class entertainment to our doorsteps here in Wales - a unique opportunity to experience the finest national and international talent battling it out in exhilarating competition for one action-packed, no-holds-barred week! This year the Eisteddfod is again all set to embrace compelling competitors and performers from Europe, the USA, the Caribbean, and Asia.


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Watch their performance singing “Make me a Light” and “A Smugglers Song”

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